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Nalalya Bilokinna
Anastasiya Bondarenko
Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
A scientific management system and economic activity take on enormous importance in a successful company development. For growth of production efficiency, the management system is even more essential than implementation of new technology. A significant experience of science-based management at enterprises has been accumulated by the most developed countries — the USA and Japan. Studying that experience is of a huge importance for the present and, even more, for the future development of Ukraine’s economy, especially at the present stage.
Today, a characteristic feature of the economy development appears in profound changes in all its areas that affect management system. Management system of an enterprise ought to be viewed as a dynamic process, because its forms, methods and functions are influenced by various factors: size of the enterprise, profitability and competitiveness level, etc [1].
Increasing scale of social manufacturing and deepening social division of  labor  in all three forms (General, special and unit) increases the value system of economic management.
The core of the system of management in economy and purposeful-driven on the needs, interests and goals of individuals, groups of people, layers and stratum to achieve this goal. The main objects of this system is the public production in general, separate spheres, branches of the national economy, the elements of social reproduction, certain elements of the economic system and individual enterprises, firms, companies and institutions [2].
Economic methods of management occupy a central place in the system of scientific methods of management of  labor  activity of people because of their establishes the target program of economic development of various enterprises and organizations, also defined such a behavior and incentives, which, objectively, encourage and interest groups and workers in effective work.
In the management of a modern economy should be guided by the principles of:
• a clear division of  labor;
• observance of discipline and order;
• authority and responsibilities;
• use of motivation highly productive work;
• ensure equal justice for all;
• confidence in the permanence and stability of operation;
• encourage the initiative.
Every enterprise is a complex socio-economic system that combines the manufacturing process of a variety of material elements, human resources and information links. All companies have some common characteristics, which primarily include management functions [3].
Management functions - is objectively conditioned by the general directions or spheres of activity, which together provide effective cooperation work together.
Management of enterprises is carried out in two sectors: production and technical, when the works for the organization, coordination and management of the production process, and socio-economic when regulate the relations between the participants of the production process in terms of labor division and cooperation and the formation of relations between managers and executors.
So, from the above it can be said that the management of the enterprise reflects the totality of interrelated processes of planning, organization, motivation and control, ensuring the formation and achieving the company's objectives. Today in world practice, the use of three management tools: hierarchy, culture and market. Each of them is dominant in a given economic system [4].
1. Enterprise Economics/ Textbook /under the General editorship of doctor EN. Professor L. G. Melnyk - Sumy: ETC "University book", 2008.- 340 p.
2. Grinev A. B. Organization and management at the enterprise. - Kharkiv: Publishing House. "INZHEK", 2008. – 329 p.
3. Volkov O., Denisenko M., Grechan A.P. Economics and organization of innovative activity/. - K.: TSUL, 2007. – p 240.
4. Source access:  http://ru.osvita.ua/vnz/reports/econom_pidpr/18712/
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